it's me


  • Summer Study Abroad at Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy  2017

  • BFA and a second major in marketing at Washington University in St.Louis, U.S.A 2019


*For Play, Group exhibition, Des Lee Gallery, St.Louis, U.S.A 2017

*S,  IGN, Collaborated exhibition, San Ji Gallery, Seoul, S.Korea 2018

*Pre- liquidation, Group exhibition, Des Lee Gallery, St.Louis, U.S.A 2019

*Accessing, ETTEDA 13th Korea-Japan group exhibition, Art Arch Gallery, Seoul, S.Korea, 2019

*How To Feel, Art Fair group exhibition, Frottage Gallery, Seoul, S.Korea, 2019

*Accessing: flashing, ETTEDA 13th Korea-Japan group exhibition, Turner Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2020

*Roman Of Art/ 로만 아트페어, Seoul, S.Korea, 2020 

*PLASTIC ART SEOUL 2020 / 조형아트서울, COEX, Seoul, 2020

*Washington University in St.Louis Korean Alumni Exhibition 2020 Curation, S.Korea, ​2020

* Hip-A Seoul CICA Museum, S.Korea, 2020


Living in Time & Space 


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